Refer & Earn FAQ

1. How can I enroll into Refer & Earn Affiliate Program
You can enroll into Refer & Earn Affiliate program 2 ways
Method 1: Referral link

Step 1 : Register using your email ( )
Step 2 : Login to your account (  )
Step 3 : Use your unique referral link to recommend your friends on your social media

Method 2: Coupon Code

Step 1 : Register using your email ( )
Step 2 : Login to your account (  )
Step 3 : You will be provided with a referral link, which you can use immediately 

You will earn 5% of product price for each sale made using your link

2. How much can I earn referring a friend

Your referral amount will start at 5% of the product price, but based on your performance we will increase the referral percentage.

3. How long does the Affiliate Referral link track cookies

Our tracking cookie lasts for 60 days i.e if one of your friends clicks on the affiliate link posted on your Social Media, You will get paid as long as your friend makes a purchase with in 60 days of clicking your link. You will earn a one time commission.

4. How do I get paid

We pay you through Paypal. We don't need any of your personal information, we just need your Paypal email Id.
Once you update your Paypal email, your payment is sent directly to your Paypal account using your Paypal email Id

5. How often do I get paid.

Once you reach our minimum commission amount $50, we will make a payment directly to your Paypal account.

6. Do you pay by any other method other than Paypal

No, We don't take your bank details. since, Paypal is safer, we just take your Paypal email Id and pay directly to Paypal

7. If a customer makes a purchase and returns the product, will I still get paid

No, If a customer makes a purchase and returns or requests for refund, we will not be able to give commission on these type of transactions

8. Can I contact, if I have more questions

Please feel free to contact us at - or

9. If I don't make any sales, will my referral link or coupon code still be active after 90 days

We usually review and retire or delete the referral links that didn't make any transaction after 90 days.

10. Will you let me know once the payment is made to my account

Yes, we will send out an email once we make payment to your Paypal email Id